Not putting a great deal of focus on the finances of your practice can often lead to a bad situation. Dental Practice financing is one of the trickiest to manage due to the multitude of factors involved. Trying to handle all of this on your own can inevitably cost you money when important aspects of the business fall between the cracks.

  • Free Fee Schedule Analysis – Thorough breakdown of the fees used by Medicare to ensure you are charging the most advantageous amount.
  • Inventory Reduction – Far too many dentists will just keep ordering the same amount of product despite ebbs and flows of the business. This can lead to wasted product, especially for those with a short shelf life, and an abundance of products taking up space and tying up important funds. What products do you go through more quickly? Which can you get a deal on?
  • Marketing Investments – Not all marketing opportunities will reap the same rewards but wisely investing in the ones that have the potential to increase business the most can be recommended.
  • Staffing/Payroll – Not focusing on the amount of staff that you have can lead to excess on slower days and stressed employees on busier days. Putting a focus and attention on this is crucial for managing business ups and downs.
  • Maximization – With several decades of experience, we can identify tried and trusted methods for making a dental practice a financial success. We can’t wait to help your practice grow and succeed!

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