While many people focus on the actual sale of a dental practice, the transition afterward can be just as tricky. If the transition to a new owner is not done in a smooth, seamless fashion, it can give a negative impression to the current patients and could lead to the new practice being against the odds.

Dental practice transitions have many subtle steps that a consultant can help with immensely:

  • Maintain patients: If a transition is rocky, there is a chance of losing the patients that the practice currently has.
  • Liability transition: The proper transferring of the liability paperwork is essential for ensuring that all parties involved are safe and protected.
  • Staff transfer: If the staff is staying on board, we will ensure they are properly trained and aware of the transition.
  • Insurance/paperwork: There is a seemingly endless stream of paperwork to be filled out when a dental practice is transitioning. Let us take care of it so you can focus on the more important factors.
  • Improvement plan: Now that the practice is yours, what can you improve? We will help you create a plan for implementing important changes to grow the new practice even further.

For those that are looking to retire soon, dental transitions can easily be handed off to an expert in order to allow you to begin enjoying retirement! Before the time ever comes, we can work with you to create a seamless transition plan for the eventual transition.

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