I am writing to share my experience with Cornerstone Dental Transitions. I had tried to either sell or transition my practice with the help of other transition experts and and was unsuccessful. Cornerstone Dental Transitions”s expertise was evident from the first consultation. They represented both the buyer and the seller and both parties were very pleased with the outcome. Their appraisal brought interested dentists to my office and I was able to interview several people who shared with me their philosophy of treatment and their experience such that I was able to find the best person to continue the care of my patients. My staff was retained with the buyer so that the transition was smooth for my staff and him. The contract that was prepared was excellent and needed little revision. My CPA and I found that it was so well done that I did not contact an attorney to review it. I found that the transition did not interfere with my daily dental schedule. They even found a lender that would accept the agreement without underwriting problems. I would recommend Cornerstone Dental Transitions to any dentist that wants to have a smooth, rapid, equitable sale of his/ her practice. – Robert Howard, D.D.S.

Cornerstone Dental Transitions is an excellent organization. My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analysts did a tremendous job. I was impressed with their industry knowledge, professionalism and communication skills. I highly recommend them as a dental transition team. – Dave Jacobson

Working with my Analyst at Cornerstone Dental Transitions was a true pleasure. I’ve heard horror stories of how stressful a transition can be but everything went smoothly. I never worried at all. I got top dollar for my practice and love the new owner! I am still spending time in the office treating patients which works out perfectly for both of us. There are many different ways to transition a practice and my Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst created a tailor-made plan for me. – Frevent Millet, D.D.S.

Overall it was a great experience. My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst was very knowledgeable about the process from start to finish. He also put us in contact with people to help us move the process along. The due diligence that was given to us for the practice we purchased allowed us to analyze and make the decision of purchasing much easier. We look forward to working with my Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst and Cornerstone Dental Transitions again in the future. – Jeff McGee

My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst was very personal and attentive to the needs and negations of both parties. He was very instrumental in the process, I had a lot of questions in which he took his time to answer or if he did not know the answer would get back in contact with me very quickly after he found out. I would definitely recommend working with him. My first impression of my Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst was that he looked very young and he was just another broker trying to make a sale, that was not the case at all, he is very knowledgeable and guided me through the transition process better than some of these brokers who have way more years in the field. Thank you very much my Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst and I look forward to working with you again and buying more practices. – Martial I. LaVant, D.D.S.

We have completed three successful practice purchases and transitions with my Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst. My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He will always get back to you with an answer ASAP. Even after the deal is done, he will remain available. My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst’s chief concerns are fitting you with the right practice and ensuring the most successful transition. – William H. Taylor, D.D.S.

I am a 63-year-old dentist that was ready for a change. I have been a dentist for 37 years and had been in the same location for 27 years. Due to personal issues, I was ready to walk away from my practice.  I just wanted to get out alive! Out of desperation I called Cornerstone Dental Transitions and was connected up with Chad Flake. Chad carefully listened to my desires and wants and over the next two weeks came up with an exit strategy that would allow me to keep practicing dentistry without all the headaches and to leave with my dignity intact. Chad found a buyer that bought my practice and then merged my entire staff and patients into another practice that had the latest in dental technology. I was amazed at how smoothly the transition went! Chad and his team carefully led me through the merger, step by step.. and there were a lot of steps. I never had to figure anything out.  Chad kept me abreast of what was happening on a daily basis either with phone calls or via e-mail. The excellent communication was greatly appreciated on my end. The entire process from when I first met Chad to doing dentistry in another location took six weeks. I couldn’t be happier. I work three days a week taking care of my old patients in a beautiful facility. The best part is I am just doing dentistry and no longer have to run the business.  I would highly recommend contacting Chad Flake to discuss a future exit strategy. There are many possibilities. It is much better to have this discussion sooner than later! – David B. Rosenthal, D.D.S.

I contacted chad Flake back in October telling him I needed to get out of the partnership I was in and find a new location to take my practice. Within a month he found me a new home. I am grateful to Chad for all he’s done for me. He spent a lot of time with me determining what it was that I wanted. Chad has always been accessible to me. I would strongly recommend Chad Flake for any type of practice purchase or transition. My situation was a little unique and he did a fabulous job. – Tyrel Beavers, D.M.D.

Practice Transition Done the Right Way: You know you can’t work like this forever.  Whether you are at the day dream phase or the decision point, you owe it to yourself to evaluate your options.  Life’s next great adventure lurks around the corner. After 30 years of loving my work, my patients and my lifestyle, I knew it was time to get after that bucket list.  Like you, I attended those retirement seminars only to feel the practice transition companies had business models that just did not fit my practice realities or my retirement vision. Then I meet Chad Flake, Transition Analyst for Cornerstone Dental Transitions. Chad is extremely dynamic and intelligent, and most importantly an energetic listener!  He focused on my practice style and personal requirements, envisioning my perfect transition and then bringing it to fruition.   Experienced, personable and dedicated, he found the optimal practitioner to continue my labor of love.  The transition was philosophically, financially and emotionally ideal for me, the buyer and so importantly, my beloved patients. It was, as is said, a match made in heaven. Chad and his Cornerstone Dental Transitions team worked diligently making sure all the details were properly addressed.  He was always only a phone call away. Difficulties presented only as opportunities to excel and better the transition. The transition has been a seamless success for all. I attribute this exceptional outcome directly to Chad and Cornerstone Dental Transitions.  He listened to my needs and expectations and found the consummate professional to continue my practice to the delight of my patients.  While I am busy following new dreams, I remain forever grateful to Chad for getting me here.  I strongly recommend Chad Flake of Cornerstone Dental Transitions for your practice transition. Do it the right way with outstanding success and no regrets. I would love to discuss my transition process with anyone. Please contact me directly should I be of any assistance to you in your practice transition journey – Beverly R. Agnew, D.D.S.

Chad, I want to thank you for a smooth transition of my practice here in Tucson. You were very attentive and answered all my questions as we went through the process. I recommend you and your company for my friends. Thank you! – Steve Crawford, D.D.S.

Chad Flake has been instrumental in our acquisition of Highland Dental in Prescott, Arizona. This was no small task. He helped my partner and I navigate the confusing world of dental practice purchase with its attendant insurances and issues. Without his expertise during this process, we would not have been able to acquire a multimillion dental practice. He was particularly adroit in helping me find a partner or hire an associate dentist in order to produce enough dentistry to sustain such a large practice. He took it upon himself to put me in communication with a local dentist who later became my partner. I will be forever grateful for his thoughtfulness. This partnership has allowed the transition to go much more smoothly than if I had attempted it myself. Chad has a prodigious network of ancillary dental professional contacts. He introduced me to a lawyer who specializes in dental law. This individual elucidated the often confusing world of asset purchase contracts and helped us avoid some potential pitfalls. Assitionally, Chad provided great insurance contacts who helped us obtain the myriad of insurances necessary to operate a large dental facility. I am happy to report that the practice has worked out as chad had predicted. The prospectus he sent us accurately reflected the production and value of our practice. He took the time to help us understand why this practice is an outstanding opportunity, and I am happy we listened. He was always prompt to answer any questions or concerns we had. You can rely on him to do what he says he will do. I consider Chad as my friend. I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a dental practice and plan on using him when I purchase another one. – Clayton C. Barrett, D.D.S.

My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst was great again! Thanks so much! – Aaron A. Johnson, D.D.S

I have sold six practices since becoming a dentist. The three that I sold with Cornerstone Dental Transitions were definitely an easier “post-sale” transition. I will use Cornerstone Dental Transitions for my next five practice sales. – Frank Hulme, D.D.S.

From start to finish Cornerstone Dental Transitions’s Analysts made my transition easy. They were attentive, responsive, and had all of the answers to my questions. – Jack L. Alexander, D.D.S.

I don’t consider the Cornerstone Dental Transitions purchaser fee an expense, but rather an investment in my career. – James A Pirolli, D.D.S.

My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analysts were great! They were very knowledgeable and helped things go very smoothly with our practice purchase. We have bought three practices over the years through Cornerstone Dental Transitions. Everything about our experience has been so positive. We appreciate Cornerstone Dental Transitions’s services and professionalism. – Jeff L. Martin, D.D.S.

Cornerstone Dental Transitions exceeded my expectations in many ways. It makes sense to sell as one’s practice wanes, the advice of Cornerstone Dental Transitions. They screened potential buyers in the most confidential manner, and made recommendations for a successful transition. -Joyce A. Hagin, D.M.D.

My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analysts were always available, never gave up and have exceptional customer service. This process could be much more stressful without the experience that Cornerstone Dental Transitions provides. -Lee J. Sorcinelli, D.D.S.

I picked Cornerstone Dental Transitions to help with the sale and transition of my dental practice due to their extensive experience in this area and their experienced personnel in the Phoenix office. We had a very smooth transition and sale in a situation that could have been very complicated. – Richard Nelson, D.D.S

My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst was a great help in guiding me through the purchase process. I always felt I was getting good advice on the transactions. -Rita Peck, D.M.D

The professional and expert advice and service received is well worth the fee paid. I have no regrets and would not hesitate to recommend Cornerstone Dental Transitions to any of my colleagues. -Scott McKinzie, D.M.D

The best thing about Cornerstone Dental Transitions is that they are with you every step of the way to ensure your success. This doesn’t stop when the transition is complete, they are still here today helping me be as successful as I can be. I felt like Cornerstone Dental Transitions really wanted me to be successful. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a practice. – Scott R Lee, D.D.S.

The match could not have been a better situation for me. I am truly happy and feel I am very fortunate. My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst really listened to what I needed and prompted me to examine that when I was selling the practice. – Therese A. Murphy, D.D.S

Cornerstone Dental Transitions found the perfect match for my practice. It made the transition a lot easier. My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst did a great job! – Trym H. Gibbons, D.D.S.

My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst was exceptionally talented, knowledgeable and proficient! – Anthony J Warren, D.D.S.

From start to finish my Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst did an outstanding job. I appreciate his help and advice throughout this process. – Jessy S. Sidhu, D.M.D.

We found our Cornerstone Dental Transitions analyst to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He was always available to us and very helpful. The sale of our practice went very smoothly due to his knowledge and experience. We wholeheartedly recommend Cornerstone Dental Transitions for the sale of your dental practice. – Joseph P. Camunez, D.D.S.

Buying a practice can be a scary thing. My Cornerstone Dental Transitions analyst answered all of my questions and concerns and was dedicated to getting me into the right practice. – Kyle S. Scott, D.D.S.

My Cornerstone Dental Transitions Analyst was completely professional, thorough, realistic and understanding – thank you so much for guiding us through this very important process! – Richard S. Parker, D.D.S.